Ally Energy Meets ESG Goals in Grand Junction Office

Ally Energy Solutions was founded by energy industry natives who are experts in energy efficiency, procurement, planning, engineering, and project implementation. Our founders strive to innovate in the sustainable energy field, proving time and time again that the energy industry is continuously evolving. As global sustainability challenges move to the forefront of the zeitgeist, the role of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals becomes more important. Everything from weather disasters, flood risks, hurricanes, freezes, and power grid issues to data security and regulatory pressures all introduce themselves as new risk factors. These new risk factors push us at Ally to develop strategic solutions to handle environmental differences in our ever-changing world.  

Why We Value our ESG Goals 

As we develop strategic solutions and focus on optimizing our clients’ environmental footprints, Ally must continue to be an expert in meeting their ESG goals. Ally works to reduce energy and carbon footprints for our partners and ourselves by improving operational efficiency to meet corporate sustainability and energy reduction goals related to electricity and greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable energy benefits our society with cost efficiency and lessens the amount of fossil fuels being used, such as coal and fracked gas. Valuing ESG goals holds our company to higher standards when designing, developing, and implementing our strategic solutions and optimizing energy within our work and office buildings. 

Encouraging ESG With Sustainability Goals  

At Ally, we don’t just talk about ESG sustainability goals, we implement them into our operations and push companies to do the same. More specifically, our Grand Junction offices are located in a green, sustainable space. This location is sustainable through: 

  1. Solar Power 
  2. EV charging stations 
  3. More energy-efficient HVAC system – coming soon 
  4. Battery banks – coming soon  
  5. Tan EPDM roof – coming soon 

Through these efforts, the 2021 PV system produced nearly 70 MWh of renewable energy and, over its lifetime, has produced 281.12MWh. According to the latest eGRID data, this has reduced CO2 by approximately 85,000 lbs in 2021. Over its lifetime, it has reduced over 350,000 lbs of CO2. By pushing ourselves and our company to lead by example, we can better help clients implement energy-efficient solutions and reach their ESG goals. Reaching ESG goals shows how companies want to serve our society and demonstrates their understanding of their current and future performance within the renewable energy sector.  

At Ally, We Are the Experts 

As a company, we fully understand how we evaluate our environmental footprint and are conscious of how and why we implement these solutions. It is crucial that we know the impact and effect these solutions have on the environment and how they will continue to evolve for years to come. Our strategic solutions aren’t a quick fix to solving environmental problems but contribute to being good stewards of the environment.  

Using energy-efficient cleantech in our offices and work is important to Ally as we strive to evolve with our clients’ ESG goals and continue delivering insightful findings in research to investors. We intend to support positive environmental benefits while seeing a financial return in cost savings for our clients.